Welcome to Bridgeway!

To everyone new to UWP and/or Bridgeway Commons, Welcome to your new home! We are all happy to meet you and excited for the awesome year we will have!

To everyone returning to UWP and/or Bridgeway, Welcome back! We are all glad to have you back and pumped to keep great stuff going on!

I hope you all have been going to at least some of the Welcome Weekend events, as they are a great way to meet some new people and get involved! If you aren’t, the last event is Pizza and a Movie at 8:30PM tonight over on the Markee West Lawn, so come get some free food and enjoy an awesome movie!

One last thing, Our first wing meeting will be sometime this week, so I will keep you all posted!

Let’s have a great year!


Hire Me!

Questions about interviews or those all too confusing resumes? Look no further! There is even some info about what to wear to your interview! Take a look and go ace that interview!