New Door Decs!

I am sure most of you have seen the newest door decs that I “made” for you all, and this time they’re functional! Similar to the way the one on my door works, it lets everyone know where you are (if you use it that is) and helps when anyone wants to get ahold of you! I bet you also noticed that they are all different colors, and if that strikes you in any way, keep an eye out for a nifty board that I will be putting out in the next couple weeks!



Spider-Man – Homecoming!

Just last night, Dan, Josh, Mike,  Davis, and myself went to go see Spider-Man – Homecoming at Avalon Cinemas in Downtown Platteville and we all enjoyed the movie thoroughly! We all needed some time to get away from the stresses of the first week and the movie did a great job of that!


Interesting Facts about Japan!

Closer to the end of this week, some facts about Japan were posted next to this rendition of a cherry tree, which is an iconic reminder of Japan, where they are very abundant. 

This board contains several facts about the geography and culture of Japan that you might find to be very informative.


Some Popular Japanese Proverbs and Sayings.

At the same time the “Tips to make this semester out of this world” board was put up, this was also put on display!

In keeping with our Wing’s homecoming theme, it contains quite a few valuable Japanese Proverbs and sayings that carry over into our lives very well! They offer many different perspectives on things that we all deal with in life, and that new perspective could give you insight into yourself or others! Another added bonus is that they are translated directly from Japanese, so maybe you might pick up a little of the language on the way!


Welcome to Japan!

To go along with the welcome message I posted earlier today, welcome to Japan! (Or the closest thing to it in Platteville…) in keeping with the Homecoming Hall theme of Islands, the island (or 6,852 if you’re counting…) of Japan is the one I chose as our wing theme! 

To go along with that theme, I’ve created some cool Door Decorations (Door Decs) that are designed like the Japanese flag! Each one will have on it your name and it’s Japanese translation and pronunciation on it, so enjoy! 


Welcome to Bridgeway!

To everyone new to UWP and/or Bridgeway Commons, Welcome to your new home! We are all happy to meet you and excited for the awesome year we will have!

To everyone returning to UWP and/or Bridgeway, Welcome back! We are all glad to have you back and pumped to keep great stuff going on!

I hope you all have been going to at least some of the Welcome Weekend events, as they are a great way to meet some new people and get involved! If you aren’t, the last event is Pizza and a Movie at 8:30PM tonight over on the Markee West Lawn, so come get some free food and enjoy an awesome movie!

One last thing, Our first wing meeting will be sometime this week, so I will keep you all posted!

Let’s have a great year!