Finals Study Tips from Professors

Take a look at some great study tips from professors all around campus! Who knows, one might help you study better to ace those finals next week! Good luck next week folks!



The effects of Alcohol on the Body

Check out this informative board on how alcohol affects your body during and after drinking. Stop and think before you go out to any parties, because if drinking is involved, this is what will happen to your body.


The T in LGBTQ+

What is the “T” in LGBTQ+? It stands for Transgender! If you don’t know what that means, or are interested in learning more about transgender individuals, take a look at this bulletin! 

Also know that I am always willing to chat with you about the boards and door decorations (name tags) I put up around the wing!



Society and Harry Potter

Welcome back from winter break! If you are interested in Harry Potter at all, you should definitely check this out! There are some interesting ties between the Harry Potter universe and our world today that often go unnoticed that this bulletin highlights nicely!